How payouts display in a sub-merchant account.

How payouts display in a sub-merchant bank account. Deposits and withdrawals will display as JPT< sub-merchant business name > If your sub-merchant has a Jupiter login instruct them to login click Pr…

Kelly Cullum
Updated 2 years ago by Kelly Cullum

Transaction Cutoff times

What are transaction cut off times? At 8 pm CST everyday, we batch all of your transactions from the last 24 hours together and send them to our bank for disbursement. They are paid on the schedule o…

Lynn Varnell
Updated 3 years ago by Lynn Varnell

How to update your bank account

Changing bank accounts is a fact of life. We hope to make it as easy as possible.

Kelly Cullum
Updated 6 months ago by Kelly Cullum

DDA Update - Dynamic Payout

If your merchant is on dynamic payouts and you've submitted a DDA update request you must complete the following once confirmation is received from Jupico. Please query a POST to: /v1/query/merchants…

Kelly Cullum
Updated 2 months ago by Kelly Cullum