Pending Ack

What does it mean when my account status is 'Pending Ack'? This means you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions to complete your application process and submit for approval. Not sure where to go?…

Kelly Cullum
Updated 10 months ago by Kelly Cullum

TIN Matching - IRS TIN Validation

What is IRS TIN Validation? In 2008, the US Congress passed the Housing and Economic Recovery Act. This legislation contains a new federal regulation created to help the IRS identify under reported s…

Lynn Varnell
Updated 2 years ago by Lynn Varnell

Required owner information

Beneficial Ownership. According to the FinCEN legislation, the Beneficial Ownership Rule states “a bank must establish and maintain written procedures that are reasonably designed to identify and ver…

Lynn Varnell
Updated 2 years ago by Lynn Varnell

I can't connect my bank account

How to verify your bank account if you are unable to connect with your bank credentials. In the Jupiter onboarding process, click "Continue" from the Merchant Information page. Click "Connect Account…

Lynn Varnell
Updated 9 months ago by Lynn Varnell